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Interested in selling your products in Vapor Maven vape shops? Submit a contact form to our purchasing department, and we will review your request.

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Are you a current or former employee? You can submit a contact form to our Human resources department right here!

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Have a question or product request for us? You can submit your question here, and get an email response in 1-3 business days! Want to live chat? Chat with us on facebook messenger for immediate answers about what we have in inventory in specific stores, how much a product costs, or when a store will be open!

Product Complaint contact form:

Having an issue with a product you purchased from a Vapor Maven store or our refund and exchange policy? You can submit your complaint here and we will review and address your problem in 1 - 3 business days. Even if we the product is not covered in our refund and exchange policy, we will do everything we can do rectify your complaint. Did you know that many of the disposable manufacturers will send you a new product for free if yours is deffective? We can help put you in contact with the right person. Don't stay mad, let us make it right!

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